Diabetes City.

A recent post on Facebook led me to un-friend, unlike, or block a Diabetes information site.  I felt it was inflamatory ill-advised, and after reading the comments generated by it, I posted my own comment- basically that I was disgusted, and blocked it.

The post produced comments from Type 1’s attacking Type 2’s, and Type 2’s attacking Type 1’s.  And it disgusted me.  I mean, really?  Isn’t this damn disease enough of a pain in the ass (finger?) by itself?  Do we need to be attacking each other?   You don’t see cancer patients arguing over which kind is worse.  Save that energy for the insurance companies for Christ’s sake!

Listen, wether you are a Type 1 or a Type 2 doesn’t matter.

Put simply, we have traveled to the same city, Diabetes City.  Some of us may have driven here, and some of us got to fly here.  But we are BOTH here.  So while you are here stay safe, avoid the bad neighborhoods, pay attention to the road signs, and be nice to those you meet.

Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes are different, and challenging in their own ways, but ultimately the end result is the same.




There is a point in the movie Finding Memo where the three sharks turn to each other and say: “Denial!”

I feel kind of like that lately; I’m in Diabetes denial, or maybe it’s rebellion.  Either way I’m off track a bit…and I don’t want to get back on.  Just not real interested.

It’s been a rough winter.  Climatology-wise and also financially.  Got off track.  CVS Caremark doesn’t care that I REALLY like the Bayer Contour Next test strips, they were working for me, keeping me motivated and on track.  They forced me to change back to the One touch, and I hate them, I don’t want to test, so I avoid it.  I tried to fight the change, but I didn’t have the energy to fight all the red tape they throw at you.  I found I can get the Bayer strips on Amazon for about the same as I am paying for the One touch, but I can’t use the Flex card to pay for them and I haven’t had the extra $30 lately to do it.  Frustrating.  Hah, a reminder to test just popped up and I’m ignoring it.   So there. 

I saw the Dr. a couple weeks ago, and he said I was doing great, which was just another reason to slack off.  It’s been too cold & snowy to do much of anything outside but shovel snow so we can get back and forth to work, so we end up sitting on the couch watching TV most of the time.  It was 60 degrees today, and I finally was able to put all the boxes of Christmas decorations back in storage, but it’s supposed to snow again tonight.  Seriously.  Five inches or so. Seriously. 

I’d just like a little bit of a break.