The Mix-up.

For the past few days I just haven’t felt right.

I thought perhaps I was trying to fight off a cold or something, just generally feeling really run-down, listless, a bit dizzy. Just not right.
I was going to bed one or two hours earlier than usual, and still feeling exhausted halfway through the workday. I was beginning to get concerned.

Yesterday I Googled “Diabetes exhaustion”, and got back several thousand different explanations. Gee, that’s helpful. I took some Ibuprofen and started to feel better, but still tired.

I thought maybe I wasn’t eating enough, so I had a bigger lunch than usual. Maybe it helped a little.

After doing our usual Friday night running around, we were back at home, and it was medicine time. I got mine out of the pill box and looked at it just before I popped them in my mouth.
Hmm. It looked like too many.
“Is this right?” I asked my wife.
After a brief examination, she said, “Oh my, no- that one is my anti-depressant! I must have gotten them mixed-up!”

Problem solved.
I’m feeling much better this morning. 😉


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