Feeling Shutdown

Well, it’s been one week since the U. S. Government shutdown. 

It doesn’t really seem to me that any progress has been made in Washington towards getting things rolling again.  This is concerning to me because in a little over a week from now my family and I are leaving for vacation. 


Normally we go on vacation in the summer, but it just didn’t work out that way this year.  So as it turned out we are going to spend a long weekend in Gatlinburg, Tennessee.  Hopefully enjoying good October weather and fall leaves.  I was also planning, hoping, and training the past few weeks for a short hike along the Appalchian Trail. 


I say “short” in the context of the entire trail; which is roughly 2000+ miles in length.  I was hoping to hike a four mile stretch (eight miles total, there and hopefully back).  But now with the idiots in Washington being well, idiots, the Great Smoky Mountain National Park is closed- parking lots closed, scenic pull-offs closed, campers, hikers, and tourists turned away.  So there goes my one goal for my vacation.  I’m just an ordinary American, I work forty hours a week, forty-nine weeks a year, I take one real vacation a year and the people who take my money for taxes screw me over again. 


Sure, they could figure it out in the next few days and everything could reopen, but I am not holding my breath.  They haven’t done many smart things lately so why would they start now?  I am still going to keep walking as much as I can on my lunch breaks, just in case.  I need to keep walking at lunch anyway, the exercise really helps my glucose levels, and helps me stay trim.  We’ll still go and have a good time shopping, eating, relaxing.    But jeez, really?  You can’t keep a damn parking lot and a trail open?



Dear Congress,


If I can’t get on my trail, I’ll see you in the voting booth.




Average American.


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