Don’t. Just don’t.

What not to do for Halloween if you are Diabetic:

Don’t buy candy to pass out.  Just make plans to be somewhere else, go to a damn movie, or something.

Don’t buy your favorite candy(ies), even though you thought it’d be OK, because you bought the smallest “fun size”.  Yeah, right.

If you do buy said candy(ies), make damn sure you actually pass it out.
(Well, someone had to take the kids out, it’s not my fault that no one was able to pass it out.  The porch light was burned out anyway, so no one came to the house.) 😛

If you break all these rules (through no fault of yours, you understand, sometimes shit just happens), DON’T EAT THE CANDY(ies).

But if you do, at least they’re you’re favorites, and they’re the smallest fun size.

Shit happens.


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